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Let us help you realize the garden of your dreams

Customized landscaping is what we do–it is all we do.
Our mission is to enhance the natural beauty of the Straits area with appealing, colorful gardens, utilizing environmentally responsible practices.

Our Services 





If you have problem areas in your yard or want to do some revamping, give us a call. We can visit your home or business for about an hour and then provide you with a written summary of insights and advice. We love to offer possible solutions, fresh design ideas and helpful gardening


Are you ready for a new look in your yard or business grounds? We can definitely help, whether it is renovating an older garden or creating new planting areas. Tell us about your vision for your property: what you would like to see, how you want to use your garden, how much 

maintenance you want to do, and a rough idea of your budget. We can provide ideas, detailed recommendations, even a multi-year plan.

Whether it is annuals, perennials, shrubs, or small trees, our crew is adept at efficient planting in accordance with best horticultural practices. And we use organic fertilizers that will benefit both plants and soil.




Keeping your garden beds healthy and beautiful doesn’t have to be an item on your anxiety list. We are experts at knowing the difference between a desirable plant and a weed! If your garden

has gotten out of control, we will bring it back. Or if you just need some regular upkeep, we are glad to do spring or fall cleanup, and/or make regular visits through the season–whatever it takes

for you to be able to sit back and enjoy your yard.

Think of us as your gardening partners. If you love doing the work yourself, but are uncertain about plant hardiness, spacing, size, and the like, we can do an initial consultation, and, if desired, bring a selection of plants for you to consider and help with placement. Just let us know how we can help.

Do you have planters in your garage that you like to use in the summer, but planting them has become one more chore in a busy life? We are delighted to pick up your planters and return them expertly planted with colorful annuals and ready for display. If the planters are very large or permanent, we will plant them on site. Tell us your color preferences and sun/shade conditions. Then strike off one item on your summer to-do list!



A depth and breadth of horticultural knowledge and experience informs everything we do. To us, each garden is as unique as the person whose home or business it is. From the initial site visit to the completion of your project, we focus on your goals and desires.


Click below to view a portfolio of a selection of our completed work

 The Crew

Because the growing season in St. Ignace is short, landscaping provides the perfect opportunity for young people seeking  seasonal employment.  Through the years Carol’s work crew has included many college or LaSalle High School students looking to earn  money before returning to school.

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