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Since 1996, we have served St. Ignace and surrounding communities in the Straits Area. We have renovated or created more than 150 gardens, each of which is unique to its location and tailored to the client’s preferences and needs. A depth and breadth of horticultural knowledge and experience informs everything we do. To us, each garden is as unique as the person whose home or business it is. From the initial site visit to the completion of your project, we focus on your goals and desires.



Carol Bell

Owner, Designer

Gardening has been Carol’s passion since she was a child. Having lived in every region of the country, she learned about landscaping in a wide variety of settings and climates.   She has beautified businesses and homes throughout the Straits area, and her firm has become a mainstay in the community.


Jamie Schlehuber

Crew Leader

Jamie shares Carol’s love of plants and their care.  Since joining Cedars of Mackinac in 2012, she has studied every aspect of landscaping.  She now brings her significant gifts to bear when assisting with garden designs. In addition, she helps oversee the summer work crew.


Whether your style is informal or traditional, we are eager to assist you in achieving a yard that is anything but ordinary. We listen to your wants and desires–and your frustrations--in order to provide creative as well as practical solutions. Our emphasis is on low-maintenance landscaping, but because there is no such thing as a maintenance-free yard, we offer follow-up services that include weeding, pruning, mulching, and watering. And if all you need is seasonal or occasional garden upkeep, we are delighted to take these chores off your to-do list.


We love helping businesses put the best foot forward. Garden areas, including annual displays, are attention-getting and can greatly enhance your location.  Our strong background in promotion means we can suggest a variety of ways that your landscaping can work for you by drawing in customers and underscoring that you go the extra mile for those you serve.

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